Kind Mind Consciousness




Ashley will work with you on how to manage your mind so that your thoughts can create the reality and the results that you want.

Energy Healing

Ashley will work with you to stimulate the energy flow in or around the body to restore balance, thereby enabling the physical body to heal itself by releasing trapped emotions and energy stuck in your chakras.


Hypnotherapy is a form of mind-body therapy that takes place in a deep state of relaxation. Hypnotherapy taps into your subconscious mind by using guided imagery and breath work to help you achieve a heightened state of relaxation while focusing your attention and awareness on limiting beliefs that you might have hidden from your conscious mind that are the cause of unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In this relaxed state, one is more open and receptive to the power of suggestion. 

Approach: I provide you with a safe space where you will feel seen, heard, and supported to get curious and uncover the internal narratives that are responsible for producing the current results in your life and re-write your story so that you can intentionally create your happy ending. 

My approach involves guiding you to combine inner work with outward action. Inner work involves identifying and updating the core beliefs and habits currently creating your life experiences. The outer work involves creating the goals, processes, and systems that support you in meeting your goals. Along the way, I will offer you researched based theories, assignments, and measurement tools to assess our progress together. 

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